Our little family

Our little family
groovin at the arboretum

Friday, April 16, 2010

one step at a time... or two

Ugh, when will she walk?! I'm always asking myself this, and sometimes it slips out and I ask others. I know, I know... once she starts I'll wish I'd had more crawling time, but still. When?!

Just before her birthday she took 1 step. Just one, and actually more of a "forward movement" then an actual step. It totally counted as a step at the time. After her birthday party had wound down and the families were just hanging out together she walked to her grandma (6 whole steps), and her other grandma got a photo! Her parents were so exhausted from the party weekend prep, that they were asleep on the couch - out cold, and missed it ( I'm speaking in the third person because of the guilt of sleeping through it all!). Well, thats pretty much the last of the walking we've seen. She takes the occasional step, and will step from one chair to the other.

She loves pushing her shopping cart, or push car, or the dolly stroller. She could go all day doing that, but walk alone - HA! No way. until........

Well ya give that girl a little Beatles back ground music and a LOT of strangers watching and cheering her on, and she'll walk all night! We went to the Dallas Arboretum for their summer concert series on Thurday, and they had a Beatles cover band. We brought a picnic, and hung out all night. It was such a great time, just the 3 of us, and all the friends Emme had made by the end of the night! She was shakin her booty in a serious way, and loving the music! She kept standing up and walking around her stroller and pretty soon, was walking all over the place. She would fall and get right back up! I think with the distraction of the music, the people watching her, and all the kids running around it was just what she needed!

she gets it!!!

Emme's started to talk. Shes said a lot of "da-da" and "bob", which is what she called me...until NOW! She said it! MOM - what a sweet, sweet sound! Easter weekend in Corpus visiting Jeremiah's family it started, and she now says it often. Now I'm not totally sure that she knows shes making my day, every time I hear it, but I don't care. It makes me SO happy!

Shes started to say a few other things too. We were at Target (my favorite hang out now), and she saw a man carrying his probably 3 year old daughter, and she started to point and say "baby"! The little girl wasn't very happy about it, and started to quietly tell her dad " daddy I'm not a baby, I'm a big girl"! Emme was insistent. That was a baby! I instantly grabbed my phone and started the video, so I could have proof that all the time I spend with her reading and translating the world into something she can understand is worth it. AHhhh what a nice moment in Target.

Emme turns ONE!!

Yep, your seeing this correctly I'm actually going to post!

Its been awhile since my last update. Emme hit the big 1 year mark, and we celebrated with a little party, some yummy cupcakes and a few friends and family. I'm pretty sure her favorite part was the balloons... which is okay, because I'm definitely thinking that the first birthday party is more for the parents to celebrate getting through that first year in one piece!

It was so great to have most of our siblings here and both sets of parents. Its been a long time since we've all been together and it was such a fun and special weekend!

We had her one year appointment and here are her new stats: 21.8 lbs (60%) and 29.5 in (60%)
Shes a happy and healthy one year old who likes to make messes, look at books, dance like crazy, and eats almost anything... including tasting dirt and grass.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

sunny days are here again!

I know I've been pretty terrible about posting. There I've said it! Now lets move on....

We finally have some sun in Dallas! We went outside yesterday and Emme got down to "taste" all the leaves and sticks on the sidewalk! I did my best, and I don't think she actually got anything in her mouth, but she was definitely trying. I'm really looking forward to springtime. We're going to try to do some walking at the lake, and down to the park. Thats the goal. Emme loves being outside, and since shes loving being in the stroller for the moment, I better take advantage!

Shes at that busy stage (which I'm guessing, actually never stops, but please don't tell me that - I'm enjoying the thought of peace and quiet just around the corner!), and so we've been reading lots of books, playing with the ball, and learning that things have other names besides "da"! She says "da" for dad, and we're pretty sure that she understands what that means, and she adds a little "ga" sound to the end for dog. Her word of the moment though, is definitely "tickle" which comes out more as "ticko, ticko, ticko". We were thrilled when she started to say it, and were amazed at her language skills and understanding, until she started ticko-ing the couch, the chair, and the carpet! Oh well, shes on her way! She'll always be a genius to us.... (awwww)!

Thanks for checking in on us, and I'll say it again- I'll try and post more often!!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Emme's Doing Some Shopping

We broke down and got Emme a grocery cart to walk behind today. So funny. She loves it! Check out the video below...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

our new spot...

We recently decided to make the switch from the baby website we had for Emmerson, to this new blog. Its more user friendly and will allow us to post more pictures and some video as well...... if and when I figure out how to use it all!!!

We're so happy that you came to see our new spot and check in on how much our little Emme has grown in the last month or so.

The middle of December we started our adventure with a drive from Dallas to Stillwater, MN to spend the holidays with the Taylor side of the family. It took us aprox 18 hrs with 16 of them being nasty weather. We had fog, rain and then.... yes Thank You Iowa.... snow. We were so thankful for our years of snowy weather driving experience, and a car with all wheel drive. Through all the weather Emme was a champ! We left later in the evening so that she would sleep most of the way, and she did a great job. We had snacks (gotta love the Gerber puffs!), watched some Boz dvds, and looked at all the books we had brought, many, many times! Jeremiah and I are now VERY tired of hearing about "Caps! Caps for sale! 50 cents a cap!" - we're hiding that book for now!

We were greeted by a beautiful snowfall (much prettier when you've reached your destination and have in hand, a warm cup of coffee)! It was so magical! It lasted for 2 days! We just HAD to get Emme a sled! Jeremiah pulled her around before bed on Christmas eve, but the snow was so wet and deep that she sank! We tried it out a few times over the next few days, and she ended up really liking the snow! Next time she'll be big enough to make snowmen, build forts, go sledding..... okay I'm getting WAY ahead of myself here! Shes growing so fast it almost makes me sad.

When we left for our adventure she had begun to pull herself up, but still couldn't get down with out falling. At this point she not only lowers herself with confidence and speed, but pulls herself up on anything she can get to...including the t.v., and the fireplace,which she of course loves, and we wish she would forget about! She pulls herself up, then goes down, then over to something else, and up and down, and on and on and on, all. day. long. Although sometimes she pulls herself up and then cruises the furniture for awhile... giving mom a chance to get a sip of coffee before the chase is on, yet again!

Shes jabbering a lot more now too. I'd like to think that she actually says things, and means it, but I'm thinking shes just jabbering and I'm putting it together like its something brilliant. She IS brilliant, but I think it might be too early to tell the world this. The other day at Target, I was shopping for toilet paper and she starts going on and on with the whole "da da da" thing, so I start looking around because shes so loud I wonder if anyone is being bothered by the da da's .... well, I turn around and see a huge poster of a dog, by the dog food, and Emme is pointing and going on and on. 10 month old genius or what!?! I say so!

We had her 9 month appointment this last week. A little late because of the holidays and being out of town. Here are her stats:
20.5 lbs
28.5 inches
Shes basically pretty average weight and a little on the long side.

We spent lots and lots of time in Mn with my family and it was wonderful. They watched Emme while Jeremiah and I got to go to Phoenix to watch TCU in the Fiesta Bowl. Sadly they didn't quite win it... but it was a great trip to see friends, hang out and watch some football!

They also watched her while I went with Jeremiah on a work trip to Grand Cayman! THAT was wonderful. The weather was pretty chilly for the island (50's on some days), but it was relaxing just the same. I read almost 3 books in 4 days (I haven't read any since Emme arrived!), and had lots of naps on the beach. Although Jeremiah had to work during the days, at night we had a blast trying new restaurants and having drinks etc together. You just can't go for drinks when you have a baby..... something about a stroller not fitting in at bar very well... oh, and they don't usually serve "puffs"!

We drove home on Sat the 16th of Jan and hit some really bad fog so we decided to stop for the night, which we've never done, but actually it wasn't too bad. We had a decent nights rest and started again the next morning, arriving home just in time to watch the Vikings beat the pants off the Cowboys - sorry Cowboys fans I had to throw that in there, and I know the Vikes were terrible the next game, so no need to comment....

All in all Everybody here is doing great. Emme had a little bout with Croup last weekend, but got over it quickly. We are excited to see the Loeffler side of the family this month sometime, and to take our dog Kylie off their hands. They so generously kept her while we were on our great MN adventure. I'm going to try and put some pictures up, asap, but bear with me, as I fumble around with technology. My husband thinks I'm a total old person when it comes to things like this.... I just assume bank with checks, read the actual newspaper, and I enjoy the evening news. So sue me!!!

my thought as of lately:
I'm beginning to see that even though when you have a child it completely turns your life upside down, maybe its actually turning it right side up....

Love you all,